The Good Things in Life

Our friends at Hypebeast at Tenue de Nîmes: THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE BEYOND DENIM

29 October 2014 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Amsterdam Inspiration Style Retail

Our good friends over at Hypebeast visited Amsterdam recently. Eugene and his team were taken on a Dutch tour by our family members Simon Wainwright at Converse and his lovely Joy Yoon. It was on a Sunday morning this Spring that we got the chance to talk about all the things that drive Rene and I at Tenue de Nîmes. 

"Menno van Meurs and Rene Strolenberg founded Tenue de Nîmes as a hot spot for those seeking the “good things” in life. Aptly named after Nîmes — the place in France where denim was first produced — the shop embodies their uncompromising commitment to carrying only the best jeans and goods. Now the proud owners of three locations, Van Meurs and Strolenberg fill us in on what makes Tenue de Nimes such a successful standout brand both within its home country and among other purveyors of quality goods."

Read the interview here. Big thanks to Joy and Simon (we miss you) and of course to Eugene and his mindblowing Hypebeast machine! Image by Thomas Tukker.

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