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Wheels and Waves 2014 - Custom Bike Heaven

9 October 2014 - Tags: Bikes Photography Denim Style Custom Bikes

Our friends and creative duo Naia Salamah and Folkert Hengeveld reached out to Rene recently and told him that they would soon travel to the South of France to attend Wheels & Waves 2014. For those of you who don’t know Wheels & Waves: The event became one of the largest European gatherings for custom motor bike aficionado’s. Naia and Folkert came back from Biarritz with a dazzling story and ditto photos and we immediately asked them if they would like to share their report in our upcoming Journal de Nîmes. Luckily for us they agreed! 
We are so excited about the outcome that we have to share a preview with you here today. Enjoy the first part of the story and the images above and continue reading in our upcoming ‘Future Issue’ of our Journal de Nîmes in a few weeks! Make sure you check out Folkert and Naia’s new website over at Compass Island too for more brand inspiration and happy feelings. Enjoy!
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