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'Refined and Adventurous' - A Tenue de Nîmes interview with Wouters & Hendrix

22 July 2014 - Tags: Wouters & Hendrix Jewellery Accessories

The story of Katrin Wouters & Karen Hendrix starts at the Noble Smith department of the Royal Arts Academy in Antwerp. Almost 30 years later Wouters & Hendrix are two of the most influential notables of the Belgian fashion scene. Time for Tenue de Nîmes to ask them about their work, their search for adventure and refinement and their connection to Tenue de Nimes.     
NB:  What was the main reason for your start in jewellery design?
W&H: When we grew up, during the punk period, we were very creative in  designing our own accessories. Everything was possible those days! Therefore  it was a natural evolution for us to choose for the goldsmithing lessons at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The school was a melting pot of all creative souls: fashion, jewellery, photography, graphics, etc. This education was a constant source for provoking new concepts and stimulating new materials. 
NB: If you would be asked to choose your favourite Wouters & Hendrix piece, what would be it? And what would be the perfect Tenue de Nîmes outfit, to combine it with?
W&H: Our latest collections include more audacious and daring jewellery. Bold is beautiful and our gold necklace shaped as a collar with a vintage impression on the metal is a good example of the look we favour. So a perfect cut boyfriend jeans, combined with a classic Acne coat and a pair of stunning pumps, would be the ideal match. Our approach to jewellery design lies closely to the Tenue de Nîmes philosophy: elaborate decorations, which, in addition to the functional design or value, display the individuality of the wearer. It is a enhancement for us  to meet other professionals in their search for new materials as does Tenue de Nîmes.
NB: The jewellery of Wouters & Hendrix are characterised by almost paradoxical words, 'Refined' and 'Adventured'. Can you explain this?
W&H: In our quest for refinement combined with durability in the beginning of the nineties, we came across Sterling Silver, which opened a whole new world to us. For this moment on, we left robustness alone. More detailed, finer designs became our trademark. On the other hand, every new collection reflects an expression of the feeling of rebelling against oneself, a way of redefining our jewellery and developing a new style.
Interview by Tenue de Nîmes' Nienke van Baal - Image by Tenue de Nîmes
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