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Video: Mister Freedom Store Los Angeles, CA

15 August 2013 - Tags: Tenue de Nimes Mister Freedom Denim

It has been already 15 months since our last Tenue de Nîmes visit to Mister Freedom in Los Angeles, CA. The store is without a doubt one of the three most amazing stores in the world. The building, the location, the interior and the collection are all something you have never seen before. The store collection consists of Mister Freedom collection (new and previous stuff) Mister Freedom custom vintage gear (painted t-shirts and such) and of course a rad selection of untreated vintage. Put on top f that that Mister Freedom himself (Christophe Loiron) has an amazing archive and atelier on the first floor of his building where he and his colleagues design and sell collections too. Seriously his store is the kind of space you never wish to leave. Live there is all we wanted after a three hour visit in Feb last year. For those of you who did not go (yet) here is a video to get you in the mood! Video by State of Style.

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