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Armor Lux x Tenue de Nîmes 'Bleu de Nîmes' Breton Stripe

Dutch denim store Tenue de Nîmes and French knitwear brand Armor Lux have teamed up again this spring. They co-created a 'Bleu de Nîmes' Breton interlock shirt referring to the characteristic blue signature colour of the the Dutch denim store. This limited edition sailor stripe was knitted and manufactured in Quimper, French Brittany. Armor Lux and Tenue de Nîmes made only 50 pieces with a collaborative logo on the right front and in the neck. The shirt is made from 100% combed soft and quality cotton yarn. The fabric was made using circular knitting and was washed and dried before cutting in order to reduce shrinkage.

Jersey has a natural tendency to twist back. This is why a regular T-Shirt loses its shape after couple of washes. All the Armor Lux shirts are made from two types of the same highly combed yarn in a 1/56 thickness: One is spun like a S and the other one like a Z. Both those yarns are then spun against each other to literally 'lock' them. That is why this fine collaboration tee by Tenue de Nîmes and Armor Lux  will never 'move'.  Because of this old technique, this limited edition 'Bleu de Nîmes' Breton will be in great shape for the next 10 years.
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€ 65,00