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Tenue de Nîmes goes Japan: Day 1 - Indigo Dyeing in Fujino

During our first stop in Japan we tried to reach the heart and soul of 'Japan Blue'. Thanks to our good friend Anneke we were invited to come to the indigo paradise of the legendary Bryan Whitehead. In his gorgeous wooden house we experienced the true basis of our love for denim. During a 24hr master class Bryan introduced us to the secrets of his silk farm, some of oldest weaving techniques and of course told us all about the history of indigo dyeing in Japan. During long conversations Bryan explained he came to realise 25 years ago (after reading a book) that it wasn't painting that should be his mission as an artist. He decided he wanted to dedicate his life to the indigo dyeing. Years after that decision people from all over the world travel to Fujino to live amongst this charismatic teacher and learn 'some' of the Japanese secrets of the indigo dyeing craft. Although the trip was way to short and we immediately decided to go back someday soon, it was one of the most remarkable experiences we ever had in our lives. Not only being able to dye stuff ourselves, but also the long talks with Bryan and his crew learned us so much about denim, colouring, indigo and Japanese traditions and values in general. Our short stop-over in Fujino made this trip already unforgettable during day 1. And there was so much more to come afterwards! We feel feel blessed - and we are back soon!  

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