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A story about the care for your denim

26 February 2013 - Tags: Imogene + Willie Denim Care

Imogene + Willie is a lovely denim brand that shares the passion for storytelling with us. They care for the people surrounding them and enjoy to share their stories and ideas. In the short video below, they introduce us to the talented music artist Brian Stone, "The Taco Lady" Teresa Mason and James Clauer who's filming with his Super 8mm camera. Why? Well, each of them is wearing a pair of jeans that is in need of a proper wash, and they all hold a different view on how their jeans should be taken care of. In the video each of the three washing methods is beautifully depicted, whether it being a wash in nature or a modern machinal wash. Have a look for yourself and don't hesitate visit the "Care" section of Imogene + Willie's site, where a careful explanation of each wash is given. We're always eager for new stories and inspiration on washing our denim, so please do share your experiences with us!

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