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Armor Lux for Tenue de Nîmes Indigo Breton Shirt

We are proud to announce Armor Lux managed to combine their company icon, the Breton shirt, with our holy blue: Indigo. The result is an astonishing blue and light blue striped long sleeve t-shirt, that thanks its blue shade to a custom treatment with indigo.

The base of this 2012 indigo Breton shirt is the famous cotton Breton shirt by Armor Lux, but then with a longer body and longer sleeves. Instead of a regular blue and white yarn the fabric consists of one indigo dyed yarn and one un-dyed yarn. After knitting the fabric the it gets washed which provides the gentle light blue tone. This happens because the washing makes the indigo-dyed yarn bleed into the un-dyed part. The washing of the AL for TdN shirt was done by a specialised indigo company who used a soft enzyme instead of a stone wash because that would have destroyed the fabric. This process is time-consuming and very labour-intensive since all the machines must be cleaned by hand afterwards before regular product can be produced again. But the result compensates it all: The world's first indigo-dyed Breton stripe around. This run of shirt is limited to 150 pieces for Tenue de Nîmes .   
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