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Studio +Mick Keus / Tailor Made Vintage (Levi's) Denim

Yesterday we had the the pleasure to visit one of the most unique and unusual denim lab's ever. It was different from anything else we ever saw in terms of the atmosphere, the location, the philosophy and of course the denim that was presented there. This hidden denim laboratory in 'Scheveningen' is owned by Mick Keus, an Art School graduate with a deep passion for the magic blue. It all began with the customization of vintage Levi's jeans that Mick used to wear because it looked good and he refused to spend more money than necessary on clothes. More than a few people became aware of his unusual Levi's jeans in the city of The Hague, and the demand for these 'updated' vintage jeans came naturally. This is where the idea comes from to actually use old Levi's jeans to create a unique pattern and eventually a ditto pair of jeans for his customers.

Today Mike also experiments with hand-coloring of the jeans and he makes 'standardized' patterns for people who simply search for a a certain waist size. So before these lovely old Levi's jeans get dumped in some crappy vintage junk shop Mick (and his brother Geordie) change them into fine, tailor-made denim. And before I forget: all of this for a price below a hundred euro's! I will be back soon with more in-depth images of their studio and of-course their jeans. But for now Enjoy this first preview (with crappy images) because more will follow shortly!

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